The extra virgin olive oil

... presents itself with its centuries of history known and appreciated by consumers more aware and disenchanted.

Nutritional Information
Fats are an essential nutrient for the body, both as an energy source and as structural constituents of biological membranes, also have an important role in establishing the structure of the nervous system, such as to be of vital importance for a perfect development of skills intellectual and psychomotor skills of the child, but it is important to be taken in the right quantities, in the olive oil fatty acids are predominantly 'monounsaturated' (oleic acid) that do not increase levels of cholesterol actually helps remove the cells, therefore covers such as extra virgin olive oil protects from vascular disease, the risk for cancer, hypertension, diabetes, without forgetting its favorable action on the apparatus hepatobiliary and intestinal immune system and protect against atherosclerosis, The premature aging, chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune and allergic ones. Recently, researchers at the University of Chicago have discovered that olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer.
Characteristics of olive oils
In recent times there has been a growing interest in olive oil and in particular the Italian olive oil from many countries that previously were not consumers, this part of research aimed at improving power quality and health. Consequently, manufacturers are making efforts to improve the quality and value of the typical local oils. We are talking of olive oil in general, but it should be noted that according to current regulations the only olive oil is traded under the name of extra virgin olive oil, all the others who bear the name of 'oil 'oil' is at best a mixture of a small percentage of extra virgin olive oils with obvious residue, ie solvent-extracted residue from the pressing of the olives and rendered edible through chemical processes. In the production of extra virgin olive oil involve several factors that affect the quality of the product: the varieties of olives and their status, degree of ripeness and extraction techniques. A small step forward in defense of quality has been done with the DOP designation, granted in certain areas of production when the oil has an acidity less than 0.6%, contains a certain amount of polyphenols, is manufactured exclusively olives of the region and passes a taste test. (The oil we produce in our olive grove in the hills Amerini, with the varieties of olive Rajo, Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio, has the characteristics required for inclusion in the DOP Colli Amerini. It is obtained by cold pressing (- of 25 °) in a mill, a continuous cycle. For the fertilization treatments and use only organic and natural products.)
The oil should always be stored in stainless steel containers, protected from light, air and heat. Avoid rooms too cold for it begins to solidify into the 6-8 grades.
Between history and legend
It is said that the first olive tree was donated by Minerva men following a dispute with Poseidon for the religious domain the king of Athens gave the victory to the goddess as his thought than the gift of Poseidon, in fact the ' oil extracted from olives not only served as a condiment, but the sludge was burned a rich fertilizer, oil lamps provided light and its precious wood could be burned on the altar of the gods. The prize for the winners of the Olympics was a garland of leaves of the sacred olive of Olympia led by Heracles who had established the first games. According to legend, one day he put his club to a statue of Hermes and it took root and branches, turning into a massive olive tree. The olive tree has always had a deep symbolic meaning. It represents peace, reconciliation, purification, fertility, strength, purity, immortality, etc.. And 'recognized as sacred in many cultures and olive oil is the vehicle of consecration of kings, emperors and priestly authority. When God was reconciled with the man at the end of the great flood Noah sent a sprig of olive. In the eighteenth century Italy appears to be the best producer of oil in Europe and Russia, England and France are the largest importers of Italian oil.

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