The oil, the gold of Puglia, ancient food and valuable as the land from which it is generated.

The oil, the result of a generous climate, but also the result of hard work and dedication on the part of those who with love and respect, cultivate and care of these authentic monuments of nature.
From pruning, harvesting, grinding consumption, the cultivation of olive trees in Puglia is always surrounded by an atavistic respect and dedication.
Every drop of oil from Puglia is precious to us and it contains a whole world of knowledge and tastes unique and inimitable. Try dropping a drop of oil on a slice of homemade bread fresh from the oven and then the many recipes that can be prepared with olive oil base, and above all raw! Try to come on a visit to Salento, in the many villages scattered along the coast or inland, when the morning of the Immaculate in many homes it is customary to prepare the first 'pittule' season of frying oil freshly pressed green and fragrant and pinched in the throat, a gesture of good fortune waiting for Christmas, but above all a good year for olives. And, now that finally all nutritionists agree, we can offer you this precious food of our choosing, the oil that is more pleasing to your palate: the fruity green olive oil with sweet oil or from olives fruity flavored almonds, sweet taste and harmonious oil fruity and intense, the palate of the connoisseur, slightly spicy and bitter stings the throat of its low acidity. So take advantage of your holidays in Puglia, the Salento to Gargano, our oil to taste this famous around the world! From the heights of the Sub Daunian the sweet slopes of Serre Salentine on your journey to discover the natural beauties of the sea and the beaches of Puglia, will also be a way to enjoy the many olive trees that are part of the landscape of this land. From the north of Apulia to the tip of the heel of Italy, there are many extensions including olive groves in recent years are emerging organic farming (with its organic olive oil), while below are the areas of DOP oil production in Puglia.
The extra virgin olive Dauno PDO is produced throughout the Province of Foggia and is produced by 70% from different olive varieties such as Peranzana the Coratina Ogliarola, the Gargano, the Rotondella. It includes four categories of oil: the Dauno Gargano, the Sub Daunia Apennines, the Dauno Tavoliere Low and High Dauno Tavoliere oil from olives fruity sweet taste, balanced with good floral scent that marries perfectly with the fish and The seafood appetizers.
The extra virgin olive oil DOP Terra d'Otranto is an extra virgin olive oil produced in the whole administrative territory of the Province of Lecce and many municipalities in the Province of Taranto. It is obtained from different varieties' of olives as the Cellina of Nardo'e Ogliarola for at least 60%. For the rest combine other varieties' in the olive groves.
The extra virgin olive oil DOP Terra di Bari is an extra virgin olive oil produced in the Province of Bari and is obtained from different olive varieties including the Coratina, the Cima di Bitonto, the Cima di Mola, and other varieties in in the groves. Includes Oil Castel del Monte, Bitonto, Murgia of Trulli and Grotte.

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